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Diddgery: Games I Played in 2016

Here at Gals n Pals we’re experimenting with getting into publishing writing in addition to our podcasts, and we’re starting out by reprinting reflections by some of our contributors on the video games of 2016. We’ll also be discussing this topic in-depth on episode 3 of Video Games Are Bad, Actually. For now, here are some thoughts on games that VGABA co-host and resident soft sheepy Diddgery played this year, originally published on Diddgery’s Tumblr. – Jill Katze, Editor in Chief

Here we go again. This was a year with a lot of good moments, and then a bunch of really shitty, awful ones that have me really worried about the future. But at least video games are always here for me! This time around for this list I marked my favorite games with a 🌟. Continue reading Diddgery: Games I Played in 2016