Gals n Pals: A podcast network by and for women


Whoa, it’s finally launch day! Welcome to Gals n Pals, a podcast network by and for women. What exactly does that mean? Well, we plan to do exactly what it says on the tin: create a space for podcasts driven by feminine creators and their friends. While there are already plenty of podcasts out there already created by women and that appeal to feminine audiences, our admittedly lofty goal is not just to provide a space for people who are already established podcasters to post their work, but to create an environment and support system, both emotional and technical, that will reduce the friction involved in starting a show and distributing it to an audience, with an eye toward amplifying the voices and interests of women. And just because this still sadly needs to be explicitly laid out in woman-focused spaces in 2016, let’s be perfectly clear: trans women are women, and we absolutely want them to be heard all over our network. Lastly, non-women of all types are absolutely welcome too! You don’t have to be a gal to be our pal.

So, what’s on offer? At launch, Gals n Pals is the proud new home of Character Limit, a podcast about all that good good #content out there in the Twitter-verse, hosted by gals and life-long pals (in the gay and married way) Jill Katze and Sara Beckman, alongside  their pal and honorary gal, the fantastic gentle boy Ashley Jenkins, with the occasional stylings of a rotating mystery guest. These creators and their crew of friends are the founders of Gals n Pals and we intend to launch several new shows together on the network in the weeks and months to come now that the power is in our hands, so stay tuned!

If you’re interested in supporting the project or have a pitch for a show you think might be a fit for our network, please get a hold of us! Or if email’s not your thing, get at us on Twitter at @gals_n_pals and be sure to follow us for updates!

Character Limit: Switched On (Episode 5)


On this episode: we talk a lot about the Nintendo Switch, we get punished by the podcast gods for accidentally making a video game podcast, Children of X-Men, a Batman-saturated existence, finely aged shitposts, Oscar Wilde’s #aesthetic, a very large wombat named Patrick, and the woe of girly pockets.

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Character Limit: Finding Our Emojisonas (Episode 4)


On this episode: we’re on iTunes!!, emojisonas, a massive digression about Hogwarts houses, Attack of the 80s Synthwave Text Generator, tabletop RPGs going off the rails, Cat Content, revisiting Elder Scrolls, Daft Puns, keeping white dudes out of Mulan, Simba’s sidekick Matthew Perry, and Jill’s dangerous Paper Mario opinions

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Character Limit: The First of Halloween (Episode 3)


On this episode: National Coffee Day, birthday crab cake, HALLOWEEN: THE MONTH, off-brand Halloween costumes, way too many Sonic the Hedgehog references, Beauty and the Beast, German reunification, disrespecting Soviet copyrights, the weird history of Tetris, queer super-women, and Jill yells too much about Korra

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Character Limit: Lewis & Tolkien & Knuckles (Episode 2)


On this episode: Twitter character limit change, bisexual awareness week, weirdly unlocalized video game names, Lewis and Tolkien: the Sonic and Knuckles of 20th century fantasy, Pokemon Sun and Moon, more Sonic shitposting, the joy of Sour Patch Kids, Mystic Messenger, Space Ghost Coast to Coast, “Remember Dragon Ball Z?”

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Gals n Pals: A podcast network by and for women.