Character Limit: The Pilot (Episode 1)


On this episode: Undertale one year anniversary, Mara Wilson’s new autobiography, movies that capture the feeling of being a kid, movie music, nostalgia culture, teen literature, upcoming exciting events.

Apologies for audio issues on this pilot episode. We’ll be making improvements next time!

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This week’s hosts:
Jill: @JillKatze
Sara: @BookwormBeckman
Ashley: @BattleJenkins

Alphys & Undyne animation
Jill & Sara’s Undertale stream on Twitch
Annoying Dog in a swimsuit
Undertale retrospective
Undertale Q&A tumblr
Every Frame A Painting: Marvel Symphonic Universe
Glass of water
Friendship ended with AdBlock
Tacocat fall tour
Tacocat main site
Sonic Mania collector’s edition
Artifact’s Museum
La Croix generator

Tweets of the Week
Sara: [ 1 ]  [ 2 ]
Jill: [ 1 ] [ 2 ]
Ashley: [ 1 ]

Intro/Outro music:
A cover by Jill of Sugarpool by Mom. Support Mom’s work.