Character Limit: A Quick Update (The Ghost of Episode 6???)


On this episode: It’s not really an episode?! An update on the state of Character Limit (don’t worry, it’s fine!)

Hey everyone. Jill here. Circumstances have been conspiring against us recording episodes worthy of posting lately, but we’re still here and working hard on some exciting still-secret stuff. I thought I’d put out a quick update on what’s been going on with us recently in a miniature pseudo-episode.

The short of it is: scheduling issues, life getting in the way, and an episode that ended up on the cutting room floor mean we haven’t put anything out for 3 weeks, and I’m super sorry. As the editor and main organizer it’s my responsibility to make sure the show happens, and I’ve failed at that. I’ll do my best to keep us on a regular schedule in the future.

This has been a hard week. Take care of yourselves and love those around you. Fight for what’s right. Stay safe. We’ll see you soon.

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