Character Limit: Lewis & Tolkien & Knuckles (Episode 2)


On this episode: Twitter character limit change, bisexual awareness week, weirdly unlocalized video game names, Lewis and Tolkien: the Sonic and Knuckles of 20th century fantasy, Pokemon Sun and Moon, more Sonic shitposting, the joy of Sour Patch Kids, Mystic Messenger, Space Ghost Coast to Coast, “Remember Dragon Ball Z?”

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This week’s hosts:
Jill:  @JillKatze
Sara: @BookwormBeckman
Ashley: BattleJenkins

Fishy Love
More like Gay-ch&M
Mara Wilson back at it again
Weapon Shop de Omasse
JNCO Enoshima
20 years of Space Jam
Pokémon fashion is back nerds
RIP Pikachu
Shrek fighting game scene
Robert McGinnis book covers
Sonic Mania fake infomercial
Very Bad Kids
Everyone’s gayhee for Jaehee
Space Ghost Coast to Coast 

Tweets of the Week
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Intro/Outro music:
A cover by Jill of Sugarpool by Mom. Support Mom’s work.