Video Games Are Bad, Actually: Tracer’s A Lesbian, All’s Right With The World (Episode 2)

On this episode: catching up on our 2016 backlog with games like VA-11 HALL-A, The Division, and Firewatch, Furby survival horror with Tattletail, Jill’s inexplicable Super Mario Run addiction, and discussion of our feelings on broader reactions to Overwatch’s Tracer being a lesbian and Nier Automata’s 2B being hot. Your hosts this week are: JillErika, and Diddgery!

Games in this episode:
  • Dragon Quest 7
  • Kindred Spirits
  • VA-11 HALL-A
  • The Division
  • Firewatch
  • Tattletail
  • Super Mario Run
  • Thumper
  • Nier Automata
  • Overwatch

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Diddgery: @Diddgery

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