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Character Limit: Toolshed Pudding (Episode 8)

On this episode: Twitter doesn’t know how Twitter users use Twitter, Return to Planet Emoji, The Communist Manifesto, the Ice T SVU bot, Star Platinum’s hockey career, bone app the teeth, and neural network nightmares.


Twitter forgets that @ replies are extremely important and tries to remove them
iOS 10.2 new emoji
Austin Walker’s hot emoji take
Bot tweets the entire communist manifesto
Fake Ice T SVU quotes bot
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable live-action movie
Happy anniversary, stylish But Illegal Monkey
Bone App The Teeth spawned a whole universe
Medieval potatoes
Neural net Laguardia review

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Character Limit: Switched On (Episode 5)


On this episode: we talk a lot about the Nintendo Switch, we get punished by the podcast gods for accidentally making a video game podcast, Children of X-Men, a Batman-saturated existence, finely aged shitposts, Oscar Wilde’s #aesthetic, a very large wombat named Patrick, and the woe of girly pockets.

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Character Limit: Finding Our Emojisonas (Episode 4)


On this episode: we’re on iTunes!!, emojisonas, a massive digression about Hogwarts houses, Attack of the 80s Synthwave Text Generator, tabletop RPGs going off the rails, Cat Content, revisiting Elder Scrolls, Daft Puns, keeping white dudes out of Mulan, Simba’s sidekick Matthew Perry, and Jill’s dangerous Paper Mario opinions

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Character Limit: The First of Halloween (Episode 3)


On this episode: National Coffee Day, birthday crab cake, HALLOWEEN: THE MONTH, off-brand Halloween costumes, way too many Sonic the Hedgehog references, Beauty and the Beast, German reunification, disrespecting Soviet copyrights, the weird history of Tetris, queer super-women, and Jill yells too much about Korra

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Character Limit: Lewis & Tolkien & Knuckles (Episode 2)


On this episode: Twitter character limit change, bisexual awareness week, weirdly unlocalized video game names, Lewis and Tolkien: the Sonic and Knuckles of 20th century fantasy, Pokemon Sun and Moon, more Sonic shitposting, the joy of Sour Patch Kids, Mystic Messenger, Space Ghost Coast to Coast, “Remember Dragon Ball Z?”

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